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Safety training and tips for working in Ireland

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The importance of a safe work environment

Health and safety training can often be seen as an annoyance or something that is unnecessary. However, work related accidents happen in Dublin all of the time. The Irish Times  reported, that 46 people died last year in Ireland, due to work related accidents. These and other accidents were recorded by the Health and Safety Authority. The Chief executive of the HSA, Martin O’Halloran, was reported saying  that  their investigations showed  that “ these tragedies could have been prevented. The likelihood of an accident occurring can be greatly reduced  by ensuring that safety is at the core of all work activity, anything less is an invitation to disaster.” While fortunately the majority of work related accidents do not result in death, injury and other problems can arise. Safety training a key to preventing work related accidents.  Safety should be the priority of every company.

 Here are some safety  tips for employers and employees.

Remember To Wear  Safety Gear

A reason why many accidents happen is due to a failure to wear safety gear.  Make sure there is an abundance of safety gear at your work,so that it is not an effort for your employees to  and is easy for employees to find.

Take Your Time

Countless of  accidents could have been prevented if people took their time. This is especially  true at work where people often feel pressured to perform quickly. When it comes to being safe, time should not be an issue. This will benefit the employees and the company.

Alert Any Safety Concerns

A vast amount of accidents could have been avoided if the proper attention was given. For example, people often ignore small things like a spillage in a restaurant or shop floor. However those small things can create massive accidents.

Get Advice Specifically For You

Safety At Work are one of the few Dublin companies that specialise in the safety of your work and it’s employees. As every company is unique, each with their own concerns, it is important to  visit  SafetyAtWork to arrange a consultation.

Be Trained

Public safety training   are provided by to suit a variety of jobs.  Elearn allows people to complete their courses online, on their own time. These courses have been written by OFAAA certified and HSA approved Occupational first aid instructors.

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Safety Training Courses 

  • Food Safety (HACCP)
  • Child Safety for working with Children
  • Employers Legal Requirements
  • Requirements for Employers

These safety training courses and others can be tailored for you. Elearn’s range of online courses can  be taken at any time and any place that suits your schedule. This  approach to saftey training, has shown to allow users to really be engage in what they’ve learned, rather than simply ticking boxes. You can register with Elearn as either an organisation or an individual. After registration Elearn can also provide you with follow up support if desired.  For more information check out

Dublin safety training and tips